Cloud FIlesConceptsCloud empowers users with instant access to data, synced across all devices. CloudFiles improve your business’s collaboration and productivity through secure file sharing with applications such as SharePoint and ShareFile. Let ConceptsCloud’s CloudIntelligence team design the best way for your business files to be stored and managed securely.

Connect with your colleagues in new and creative ways. Easily find and work with people who have the right skills, expertise, and shared interests.

Make better business decisions. Easily find the right document—regardless of who created it, what format it’s in.

Quickly become more productive. SharePoint 2010 works seamlessly with technologies you currently use, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft Unified Communications.

CloudFiles – Empowers users with instant access to data, synced across all devices. It helps businesses improve collaboration and productivity through secure file sharing. It meets corporate data security and compliance standards and delivers an enterprise-class service that seamlessly integrates with users workflow and productivity needs.


  • Enterprise-class alternative to consumer-style file sharing services
  • Empowering end users with features that enable mobile work styles
  • Enhancing user and business productivity with easy collaboration
  • A secure service


  • Sharepoint 2010
  • Citrix Sharefile
  • RapidFiles
  • Paperless Storage
  • Document Notification
  • Document Purging
  • Internal Feedback
  • External Feedback
  • Business Application Matrix
  • Document Storage
  • Task Management