If you are looking for the service and expertise of a large IT department without the excessive cost, Server Concepts Colocation Service can provide your company with a secure environment, high bandwidth speeds, excellent power outage protection, and server management, all at a competitive price.

We are happy to provide our clients with a secure environment for their servers. Servers hosted in our colocation facility experience high bandwidth speeds and better redundancy for a reasonable price, ensuring that your data is accessible when you need it.

Server Concepts is also able to offer our clients excellent outage protection. The redundant power generators and backup power solutions at our Data Centers guard against power outages during inclement weather, so while power may be out at your place of business, your data is still safe, accessible, and ready when you are.

One unique feature Server Concepts provides is the ability to host customer-owned devices. Over time, you may decide that the device you’ve provided is too slow or no longer provides the necessary resources. In that case, resources, Server Concepts can upgrade the device for you or you can provide a replacement.

Server Concepts Colocation Services also offers our customers server management and maintenance services. Particularly useful for smaller companies with a small IT team, we can keep an eye on your servers for you, freeing you up to keep your business running smoothly. We are also a Licensed Microsoft Service Provider, so in the event you do not own your own server software, we can provide licenses and upgrades to you at a low monthly rate.

Server concepts will be happy to customize the right servers for all of your business needs. Fill out the information form and we will return a detailed quote that will best suit your business IT colocation needs

Server Concepts has the capacity to host any rack-mountable device. We’ll be happy to set up your equipment on our racks and have your data backed up quickly and efficiently at the right price!   Request a Quote Today!

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All Our plans include

24X7 Security
A/B Power Dual
power grid
13 Providers
Dual Fiber
6 Diesel
99.99 Uptime
Dedicated Support